self reliance and resilience, intro

For some time, I've been thinking around self reliance, but I'm somewhat of a "closet prepper". Most people around me would probably judge any such concern as ridiculous, because I live in a very quiet and stable corner of the world, probably thanks to its topography.

We don't have hurricanes, forest fires always are quite confined, floods happen locally but never on a large scale, so nature seems to be quite tame around here. But nevertheless there are risks of prolonged power failures, or disasters at nuclear power plants. So we may still need to "bug in" or "bug out". And as I'm commuting, there is also a certain probability I may get stuck at my workplace or en route, if public transport breaks down.

I am not sure to what extent I can include my family in any kind of preparation. My kids are still very young and might get scared by anything beyond harmless games. However, I try to familiarize them with radio communication, concepts of safety and awareness, knots and ropes, and fixing things with improvised means.

My wife on the other hand is quite stressed by ongoing works in and around the house, and I think I first have to help getting our balance back before I can mention anything concerning disaster recovery, resilience, and self-reliance.

Therefore I have to work on these topics on my own, for the time being. It's ongoing work, and I will split it into several posts, perhaps with other subjects in between.

First, I need to do a risk analysis: define scenarios and estimate their probabilities, impact, prevention, and remedies.

Then I will plan implementing of (maybe partial) solutions, and see to get them done. And I'll keep track of success and failure.

again please forgive me any strange wording, grammar, or syntax: I love the English language, but I'm no native speaker. If I repeatedly make similar mistakes, pleasepleaseplease drop me a note!

But in general I won't put punctuation inside "quotes": it doesn't make any sense to me, when it doesn't belong to the quoted part.