everyday carry (EDC) // 18-2-15

I like to read what other people carry every day, e.g solderpunk, kvothe and pet84rik, and using their ideas to improve my EDC.

Here's my current, split into what I have on me, in my small pouch, and my backpack:

on me (pockets)

I'm working in a cleanroom, and often put barely used gloves away for later non-cleanroom use, so they often stay in one of my pockets until I put them into my backpack.

The larger knife is a sturdy, simple and rather cheap item, which I use recklessly also to pry open crates, strip wires from insulation, etc. The small knife I save for delicate stuff. Additional potential weapons are classified. ^-^

During the night, I mostly wear a VECTOR LUNA smartwatch, to wake me up in with its vibrating alarm.

side pouch on shoulder strap

I don't like to have my pockets filled too much, so I prefer carrying a small pouch. At home, I often put the smartphone in there too, and so I only really need to make sure to grab the pouch when leaving home, not forgetting about some important things.


Like pet84rik, I carry some sugar to help hypoglycaemic people: I'm first-aid responder at my workplace, where we often encounter underfed and overstressed students doing black-outs...

You may notice several redundant stuff like LED lamps and knifes: that's on purpose, because e.g the Victorinox knife in the backpack I only use for cutting food, and sometimes I may want to lend one of the lamps to my wife or kids.

I'm still thinking about a way to power my VHF/UHF transceiver by the USB power bank, to improve on redundancy. I'd need some upconverter from 5 to 12 V, i.e the inverse problem of powering a Raspberry from a 12 V sealed lead-acid battery as discussed by solderpunk and others.

I may again add a bottle of water to my backpack, when temperatures are rising after winter.