Public Access UNIX Systems and Resilience // 18-11-08

Finally git on SDF seems to work again the old way, i.e I can use my normal phlogging workflow. solderpunk has a couple of posts on C.S about these and other issues, and ways of coping with flaky systems or "politically questionable" administration, and I'm fully on that side. We absolutely need to implement ways of making it easier for all of us to change hosting or other services, to become less dependant on providers and get back to the real idea of the internet, as I see it: a network of equally important systems sharing data, not just fast lanes to central hubs.

A very good point solderpunk makes is the warning to not have one provider for several services, but rather one for each service, because this reduces the barrier to switch if you're not happy with them. SDF in this sense is a central point of failure for my e-mail, as I'm running my own and also part of my family's through it, and in addition host my father's little contact site for his office on it. Unfortunately, I'm quite busy with other stuff and always keep on backburner the idea of shifting e-mail elsewhere.

For my own data and sites, I'm already quite diversified: git and rsync and own/nextcloud make it easy to sahift things around and to have several instances everywhere. And my gopher holes are already spread over,,, and soon my own little ramnode VPS. Don't get me wrong, I love all those systems, but I still want to keep the possibility to leave anyone of them if I'm no longer feeling fine there. And it should be like that for any service.

Take care and spread your electronic wings!