Busy Days and Ryumin's Dome // 18-11-15

So I've been rather quiet lately, although not inactive!

At work, we have thrown^Wmoved out an old piece of equipment, a Univex500 e-beam evaporator. It's not easy, to move over half a ton of solid steel when the feet and wheels of the equipment are old. Wonder whether anybody wants the thing for free: it's really old, and I have decided not to disconnect the electronics rack from the machine, because we would have had to document everything, and there have been generations of people tweaking and installing additional stuff. And the cables are old as well, so they might even break when you move them too much.. This thing will require somebody with a lot of time and love initially, if it should live again. But, it worked quite well up to the end of its active life in our lab! We will replace it with a new system that has arrived this week, and which has about the same weight, so moving it will also be a little challenge, again.

Privately (not family, which of course consumes a big chunk of time), I've been mostly occupied with setting up Ryumin's Dome which is part of the Circumlunar "universe", a fun project started by solderpunk, bringing together a couple of people interested in small Unix systems and Gopher. I have a presence on circumlunar.space, and solderpunk has begun adding subdomains.

The Dome is a purely git-accessible gopher publication server, i.e users can push/pull the gopher git repo, and pushing immediately updates the published files. Restricted interactive access using git-shell is also available, and so I've been learning a bit about less usual stuff in git.

Today is the Day of the Imprisoned Writer. Text and ideas must always be free!