: nano-gopher client is a small shell script working as a command-line Gopher client.

It makes use of command line tools part of standard Unix systems, and is a somewhat ugly hack I wrote as a personal exercise. However, so far I have not yet encountered a Gopher server where it did not work! If it fails somewhere, please report server and selector!


run without arguments to get a short help


At the beginning of the script, handlers for various selector types must be defined, as well as the program to fetch gopher data (netcat/socat/snarf for example).

Several versions are available, all but one commented out; please uncomment a tool available on your system, and comment/remove the others. In the netcat version, the environment variable NETCAT will be used if set. If you implement another type, I would love to hear about your solution!

(2010,2017 Y.Bonetti)