Local Copies of Git Repositories

Here are local copies of git repositories for various public projects. Feel free to clone any of them!

Please note that they may not always be most up to date, as they are not the main (master) repository, but a local copy of it.

In some cases, you may be able to access the HTML version of the README file by pointing your browser at http://yargo.sdf.org/gits/PROJECT/README.html while replacing PROJECT by the project's name, e.g numberwords.


To clone any of these repositories, download its corresponding zipfile, and unzip as a working directory with repository content.

git clone http://yargo.sdf.org/gits/PROJECT/.git LOCAL

where PROJECT is the name of the repository, and LOCAL is what you want the cloned repository be called on your machine.

externally hosted Git repos

I have repositories with more stuff on


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